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Guest Blog:Roland Robinsons and Fenton: Conveyancing Searches

Your Specialist Conveyancing Solicitor will instruct a pack of searches on your behalf as part of the conveyancing process. This will vary depending on the area and type of property you are purchasing, however the main searches in a normal residential conveyancing transaction are :


  • LOCAL SEARCH: This is a search carried out at the local Council on your behalf. This will give your solicitor information available and registered at the Council. This will include details of whether there are any plans for a new road or motorway, details of any contaminated land, restrictions on giving planning permission for the property/area, whether the property is in a conservation area etc Whether there are any public rights of way or bridleways running near to the property you are purchasing (particularly with more rural properties).


  • WATER SERACH: This is carried out by your solicitor with United Utilities and gives details as to whether the property is connected for water services including mains water, sewerage and drainage of surface water. If the property is not for example connected for sewerage, there may be a septic tank at the property, this will alert your solicitor to raise further enquiries to ensure that all necessary rights and easements are in place.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL SEARCH: This will give your Solicitor information stored with the Environment Agency. It is not always possible to know what land has been used for in the past and should contamination be present on the land from past usage, it will be the current land owners who will pay for the clean up costs if the original person who contaminated the land cannot be found. This search will include details on, Contaminated land, showing landfill sites etc. It will also show details on any issues which have arisen in the area due to; ground stability, on the Fylde Coast there were works years ago for sand and gravel extraction, this may show on your search as being a matter for investigation by your surveyor, energy and infrastructure (Fracking, windfarms etc) in your area. The search will also show details on Flooding and whether the area has been prone to it over a number of years, this will alert your solicitor to ask further questions and it will be something you will want your buildings insurance company to know, so that they can properly quote you for your insurance policy.


Should you be purchasing with a mortgage and your lender permits personal searches, we can undertake these searches for you at at a cost of approximately £160.00, using our local dedicated search provider, with whom we have a close relationship.

Depending on the property your solicitor may also recommend further searches and we can advise you of what these will be when you call us for your bespoke, personal quotation for our conveyancing services. If you would like a no obligation quote for our conveyancing services please give us a call. We can also advise you of which searches are required for your property purchase at the same time.

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